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Essential to Intellectual formation

​A philosophical proverb reminds us “you cannot love what you do not know.” If we don’t know Christ, we cannot love him. If we don’t know the liberating truth of Church teaching, we cannot follow and spread it. The better we know Christ and his teaching, however, the deeper our Christian convictions will be. And the deeper our convictions are, the more joyful our lives will be. Regnum Christi apostles know that Christ is the only Savior, and so they constantly strive for a deeper knowledge of Church teaching, both so they can follow Christ better themselves, and so they can give Christ to those around them

Piles of Books
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Regnum Christi Identity

This essay is a reflection on what it means to live a mystery of the life of Christ and make it present in the world, and on the particular mystery in Christ’s life that the Regnum Christi identity springs from.

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Regnum Christi Handbook

RC Member Handbook provides a clear and simple explanation of what it means to be a member of Regnum Christi. Topics include the identity and mission of Regnum Christi, its spirituality, the means it offers for spiritual growth, its organization and activities, and its traditions.

Portrait of Christian Apostle

The Portrait of a Christian Apostle brings together in one, unified vision the characteristics of a healthy, fruit-bearing Christian apostle, in light of the Regnum Christi charism. 

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Sharpening the Tongue

The goal of this essay is to present a calm, systematic reflection on what charity in words truly consists of. We will start by reviewing the different types of sin the Church has always warned us against regarding our use of words. Then we will explore the vast horizon of virtue in this field, trying to see what spiritual maturity looks like there, and how to grow in that maturity.

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This Essay on Our Formation Pathway presents and explains this renewed vision of formation, preserving what was solid and valuable from our past while offering some helpful new insights from our renewal.

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I Will Give You a New Heart

`A Regnum Christi Essay on the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Its Importance, Meaning, and Implications for the Regnum Christi Movement

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Until Christ be Formed in You

In this Essay, Until Christ Be Formed in You, we will explore this how in three chapters: (1) How not to form someone, (2) How Jesus formed his disciples, and (3) Implications for Regnum Christi. By the end of this essay, you won’t have all the answers, but you’ll have a clearer picture about how to form someone.

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