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Martha Martha Martha

Updated: May 7, 2020

Luke 10:38-42 - This gospel really hit home with me. So much so it prompted the writing as well as the name of this blog. All of my life I have been a doer. I am often so busy being a hostess or coordinator that I don't have any meaningful memories at the end of the event.

When I returned to the Catholic church with a renewed commitment I found myself filling my plate with any possible opportunity to get involved. The Bible is full of commands to charity and service to others so I filled my calendar with activities. I also started daily mass, added in the daily rosary, then adoration and quickly found many blessings, but also doubts. Am I doing the will of God?

I was just doing... doing... doing...

A couple of months ago, the gospel reading Luke 10:38-42 came up in daily mass. The gist of it is this, Martha and Mary are sisters. Martha is running around seeing to the house and meal to make sure their very special guest, Jesus Christ, is accommodated. Mary on the other hand is sitting at the feet of Jesus taking in his teachings and providing him with her undivided attention. Finally, Martha asks Jesus to make Mary help. Surprisingly he tells Martha she is anxious and worried about many things yet there is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her.

Message: Acts of charity and service are an essential part of being a good Christian, however, fervently listening to our Lord will always be the better part.

The following week I had my first full hour alone with Jesus in adoration. I walked into the chapel to find it in disarray from the previous adorers. I immediately began to tidy up and actually said out loud, "Lord, I know I am being a Martha, please let me quickly tidy up!" After doing so I sat down to spend my time with Christ. I opened up the Magnificat sitting next to me. To my delight I discovered it was the memorial day of Saint Martha.

Our Lord has such an exquisite way of letting us know he is with us...

I am trying to find the balance between these two sisters of Lazarus, but know I have a long way to go.

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