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What do you want of me Lord?

This morning was highly anticipated. I was returning to daily mass routine at my parish church due to the loosening of restrictions on mass attendance. No more 10 person limit!

During this pandemic I have been deeply saddened at the loss of my routine. People demonstrate their faith in many different ways, but for me it is daily mass and frequent visits to the adoration chapel to be close to our Lord. This pandemic has been HARD with restrictions on practicing our faith we thought unimaginable in this country; a country where the freedom to worship is so essential it's the very FIRST amendment to our Constitution. Yet for just over two months, our sacraments, the Eucharist, confession, mass have been restricted.

Today was a big deal.

Up early! Getting ready - even heels, a dress and makeup. The sun shined into my room brightly almost as if our Lord was showing me his joy as well.

Out to the car with 15 minutes to spare! I reach into my purse to check for my required mask and NO MASK. My mask is always in my purse primarily because I rarely go anywhere, and when I do, I use it and put it right back. It is cloth and washable so I only have one. I prayed to St Anthony, pleaded for help to find it, but no mask. I even contemplated wearing a sock mask that I saw on the Internet, but no scissors in the house today either! Alas, no mask, no mass.

Why? The evil one never sleeps dear friends. But my victory is assured and I will persevere. Recently, my spiritual director (bless you Father Michael) reminded me that although church is vitally important, God is within us always. When we can't get to his house, look inward to the temple of your soul and he is there as well.

So instead, I am home in my favorite chair, a cup of tea and good soulful music playing sharing my Love of God with you. I am going to read the mass readings for this morning and look inward and listen and have some time with him. Then, off to find 100 masks!

Until next time


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